Must Love Brunch with Paul J Blinov

One woman’s struggle with a fresh divorce brings her right into the arms of John Cusack- and maybe there are dogs involved? DREAM of a comedian and improviser, Paul J Blinov joins us all the way from Edmonton to discuss the Rom Com staple, Must Love Dogs. In this ep we ask questions like, should John Cusack be allowed to do re-writes? Does anyone in this movie even own a dog? Why does Diane Lane need a freezer full of meat? And is Christopher Plummer the original zaddy? (yes, he is)

Only Brunch with David Borja

This week improviser, comic artist and all-around great person, David Borja brings us our first animated movie, Only Yesterday. We dive into this truly beautiful film and then ask suitable questions such as: Is Sonic the hedgehog, hot, or not? Will we ever be as stylish as the protagonist in a studio Ghibli movie? And should Kerri quit her day job and become a Bette Midler Impersonator??

What's Your Brunch? With Charlotte Labelle

Can you truly be from Montreal if you’ve never been on Just For Laughs Gags?? Charlotte Labelle is this weeks guest, and she’s here to tell you that you can! Charlotte brings us a slut-shaming slam dunk of a movie, What’s Your Number. Does having sex with a multitude of men weaken your pelvic floor? This movie says yes! How does that work??? Stop asking the hard questions!! That’s our job!

Get Over Brunch! With Cari Leslie

In the market for menthol cigarettes? Need to know more about doing improv on a cruise ship? Thirsting for footage of Martin Short saying “front bum”? this weeks guest, Cari Leslie, has you covered! Join us as we simply can’t stop talking to this comedy angel in our longest episode yet! WARNING: We spoil the entire plot of Step Up in this podcast.

The Wedding Brunch with Gina Harms

What could make a woman happier than watching Matthew McConaughey emotionally cheat on his fiancée with their Wedding Planner?????? According to Hollywood Execs, not much! Stand up Comedian Gina Harms brings us the blessed train wreck that is, the Wedding Planner. We chat JLO’s perfect career & ponytail PLUS timeless jokes about supergluing a marble penis to your hand- LOLZ McConaughey, you crazy!

The Truth About Cats & Brunch with Rae Lynn Carson

Can a “crazy cat lady” have it all? Does having one cat, a successful career, and some bangin’ PJ outfits make you a “crazy” cat lady? & In that case is being a CRAZY CAT LADY actually the pinnacle of society?? We ask the hard questions with resident dog expert, Rae Lynn Carson in the mostly forgotten Uma Thurman/Janeane Garofalo TREASURE, The Truth About Cats and Dogs.

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Leap Brunch with Devon Henderson

Are there any women in Ireland? Is the leading man in this film one of the men in Mumford & Sons? Or did all the men from Mumford & Sons just take turns playing the part like Mary Kate & Ashley in Full House? These Questions & MORE on Devon Hendersons RETURN visit to the pod. We talk the incredibly forgettable Amy Adams vehicle, Leap Year. Find out if an uptight woman can have it all! (She cannot!)

The Goodbye Brunch with Jordy Matheson

Is a Woman basically dead after the age of 30? Rom Coms say YES! This week Jordy Matheson brings us 1977’s The Goodby Girl, our oldest Rom Com yet. In this episode we ask ourselves questions like, why couldn’t Black Swan just have been a fun ballerina movie? why is Kerri printing off pages from and wouldn’t it be great if the woman’s career could have been taken seriously in this film???

Bridget Jones's Brunch with Randee Neumeyer

Our only New Years Resolution is to keep watching Colin Firth & Hugh Grant together on screen - AND NO ONE CAN STOP US! We start 2019 off right with Comedian, Randee Neumeyer, and the British Rom Com masterpiece, Bridget Jones’s Diary. In this episode we ask questions like, what would Hugh Grant have to do to loose our love? Are our middle school crushes listening? And will Kerri FINALLY allow Allie to be a part of this podcast?

The Princess Brunch with Devon Henderson

Welcome to the Princess Switch- a film where Vanessa Hudgens does an adult version of It Takes Two - TWO VANESSA HUDGENS IN ONE MOVIE? We brought on Rom Com expert, and hilarious comedian, Devon Henderson to help us tackle this TRULY insane movie. In this episode we ask questions like, “How many Hudgens are too many Hudgens?” and “Is that accent supposed to be British?” Join us as we explore at 189 plot points!

Brunch Actually with Patrick Dodd

Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson, Colin Firth & about three thousand other British actors come together to make the Christmas classic/trainwreck we call Love Actually. DREAMBOAT guest Patrick Dodd joins us as we talk Keira Knightly’s impossibly long torso & Colin Firth’s excessive tea drinking. What could be more Christmas-y than watching 180 straight white couples with troubling power dynamics GET IT ON????