Brunch is Kerri Donaldson & Allie Entwistle


Brunch is a Vancouver Comedy Award winning duo. They have performed at Portland Sketch Fest, Montreal SketchFest, the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival, Just For Laughs NorthWest & Edmonton’s Improvaganza. They’ve performed in improv festivals from Seattle to New York, and hope to one day land in your hearts.


Kerri Donaldson

Kerri is a comedian, improviser, sketch performer, writer, Vancouverite and actual twin. She’s travelled across Canada and the US with her comedy and performs locally on various comedy shows around town. Along with her comedy twin and Brunch side piece, Allie Entwistle (not her actual twin, she is an ACTUAL TWIN), she performs improv and sketch monthly with the all-female powerhouse femme de force known as Nasty Women.

Allie Entwistle Headshot.jpg

Allie Entwistle

Allie is an improviser and sketch comedian living in Vancouver, BC. When she’s not staring deeply into Kerri’s eyes, she’s performs with all-female super group Nasty Women, and at various shows at Little Mountain Gallery and the China Cloud. Recently, she’s performed at Edmonton’s Improvaganza, Big City Improv Fest, Toronto Sketchfest, and with VIIF’s International Ensemble. She is the Artistic Director at Improvcamp and a contributor at the satrical feminist website, Reductress.

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